Supreme Visits to the Province

The Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland has undertaken the task of visiting chapters within Scotland.  We in the Middle Ward of Lanarkshire have been fortunate to been visited recently.
Clark Forrest Royal Arch Chapter 236
Clark Forrest RAC 236 held a First Principals degree on Monday 13th April 2015.  The evening was supported by the Provincial Grand Chapter and was enhanced by the attendance of the Third Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland, Most Excellent Companion James G. Turnbull.
Left to Right:
Scott Campbell, MEZ of Hamilton RAC 172
James Wilson, MEZ of Cambuslang RAC 282
Craig Monk, MEZ of East Kilbride RAC 781
James G. Turnbull, 3rd Grand Principal of Supreme Grand Chapter
Stan Sweeney, IPZ Cam'nethan RAC 321
James Brown, MEZ of Robert Burns RAC 143
Albert Loughran, MEZ Bothwell RAC 170,
Ewan Rodgers, MEZ Bertram Shotts RAC 294
Lindsay McDade MEZ Clark Forrest RAC 236
James Boyd, MEZ Larkhall RAC 288
Gavin McNab, MEZ Motherwell RAC 264
Robert Clarkson Provincial Grand H
Ian Duncan, Depute Grand Superintendent
Motherwell Cryptic Council 264
Motherwell Cryptic Council, along with East Kilbride and Clark Forrest Councils worked a very full rendition of the Cryptic Council Degrees on Wednesday 9th March 2011. Extra historical lectures were given at the conclusion of each degree and 9 Arches were used during the ceremony.
Left to Right:
John Prentice, Thrice Illustrious Master of Clark Forrest Cryptic Council
George Alexander, 3rd Grand Principal of Supreme Grand Chapter
Tom Mooney, Thrice Illustrious Master of Motherwell Cryptic Council
James Turnbull, Grand Superintendent
Ian Murray, Thrice Illustrious Master of East Kilbride Cryptic Council


Chryston RAC 454
The installation of Office Bearers of Chryston Royal Arch Chapter 454 had the pleasure of the company of the 3rd Grand Principal.  Most Excellent Companion George G. Alexander.
3rd Grand Principal George G. Alexander (centre) with the 3rd Principal Ernest Martin (left) and the 1st Principal James Craig.
Distinguished Service Diplomas awarded to two companions of Hamilton Royal Arch Chapter 172.
1st Grand Principal Ian Fraser (center) with Alex McKean (left) and George Simpson (right).
Both of these companions received Distinguished Service Diplomas from MEC Ian Fraser
Grand Superintendent James G. Turnbull with the First Grand Principal Ian Fraser
First Grand Principal Ian Fraser with Provincial Grand Scribe E Pringle Johnstone
1st Grand Principal Ian Fraser with the three Principals of Hamilton Chapter 170.
MEH Ian Lothian, MEZ David McMorris, MEJ Ian Brown

East Kilbride 781  50th Anniversary

Saturday 28th November 2009

John Weir (Past Grand Superintendent), George Hutchison (MEH), Pringle Johnstone (Provincial Grand Scribe E), James Turnbull (Grand Superintendent), John Stuart (MEZ), Ian Fraser (First Grand Principal), John Donaldson (Provincial Grand J), Angus Herron (Provincial Director of Ceremonies), Lindsay Fisher (MEJ)

James Turnbull (Grand Superintendent), John Stuart (First Principal of East Kilbride), Ian Fraser (First Grand Principal)


3rd Grand Principal visits Bertram Shotts 294

George Alexander visited Bertram Shotts on Thursday 4th November 2010

(Left to Right) James Closs , George Alexander, Alex Geater, James Muir and Adam Welsh